Our Story

WINGS Studio was founded in 2000, fulfilling the creative dream of an amazing woman in Sioux Falls, SD.  She built a flourishing business designing and handcrafting unique, artistic jewelry which she distributed to upscale galleries and gift stores throughout the United States.

In 2009, WINGS Studio was purchased by Cecil and Rosemary Bour, artist/entrepreneurs in Sioux Falls. WINGS Studio became a division of Aquarius Beads & Gifts, Inc. while retaining it's own identity and design flair. 

Our philosophy is to enjoy life to the fullest every day and to inspire others to do so also. 

Spread Your Wings!



Cecil Bour, Owner/Artist.

Cecil is a talented artist working in a variety of media including glass, pottery, beads, metal and most recently decorative gourds.  His work is imaginative and flawless -- ranging from the practical to the abstract.  He has the unique ability to draw inspiration from every experience and through all of his senses. 


Rosemary Bour, Owner/Artist.

Rosemary has been making handcrafted treasures for decades in a variety of media including beading, fabric, fibers and decorative gourds.  Most recently she has turned her attention to making one-of- kind works of art.  Beginning with the skulls of powerful animals, such as the buffalo, ram and steer she embellishes this natural framework with intricate overlays of semi-precious stones, metals, beadwork, leather and fur to create a work of art worthy of the animal it represents.  Once completed, each design is protected with multiple layers of clear glaze.  One can easily appreciate the commitment and precision required to produce these timeless pieces which can be wall mounted or displayed on a flat surface.


Cheyenne Smith, Artist.

Cheyenne is one of the most creative talents walking the planet.  She does it all, and does it well.  Cheyenne began developing designs for gourds and skulls with Rosemary, and they have pushed each other to new heights creatively.  Her asymmetrical designs are a favorite among our clients.